First of all, an interesting range of bath products is now offered at La Clé du Plaisir. To start, Shunga‘s bath-shower gel with its rich and creamy foam, ideal for sensitive skin, non-irritating to the eyes and leaves the skin fresh. Available in different flavor.

Instructions for Use 1

Pour a few drops of the gel onto a sponge or bath towel, dilute with water and lather. For bubbles full of flavour, dilute with water. Ideal for bubble baths runs a small amount of gel under the tap and watch a luxurious lather form.

Second, the Shunga Lovebath offered in different fragrances. Once the product, applying your bath water will turn into thousands of delicate pearls. A sweet scent will aromatize the room as you dive into this oasis with your partner.

Instructions for Use 2

This product contains 2 sachets. Pour sachet no. 1 into the bathtub, already half-filled with hot water. With gentle shaking, about 5-10 minutes, the water will turn into a pearl jelly.
A few minutes before getting out of the bath, empty sachet no. 2. By gently stirring the gel for a few minutes, the pearls will dissolve in water.
IMPORTANT: Wait for the product to completely dissolve in water before emptying the bath. If you run out of products in packet 2, regular table salt can be used as a substitute.

Third, Dead Sea salt offered by Kama Sutra and Shunga in different fragrances.

Dead Sea Salt Crystals made from 100% Dead Sea Salt, provides a creamy lather, colours the water without leaving streaks and perfumes and perfumes the body and the room.
Dead Sea Salt crystals will intensify your bathing ritual by delicately colouring the water and enveloping you in its velvety lather. The aromatic scent will bring the sea and its soothing effect into your bath.
A rejuvenating experience awaits you, alone or with your partner, to create sensual moments of relaxation or intense happiness…

Instructions for Use 3

Pour a small number of Oriental Crystals under hot water to perfume the room with an intoxicating fragrance, while delicately colouring your bath water with a creamy foam. Enjoy your bath in private or invite your partner for sensual intimate moments.

Finally, La Clé du Plaisir is constantly looking for novelties for the bath for the greatest satisfaction of its customers.

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