First of all, an interesting range of bath products is now offered at La Clé du Plaisir.

Lovebath gel

First, a special Shunga bath gel offered in several fragrances which has the particularity of transforming the water in the bathtub into thousands of gelatin pearls. Then it pleasantly perfumes the room and colors the water in the bathtub. Very relaxing, it makes the skin soft and silky and does not stain.

Bath salt

Several luxury bath salt fragrances made from renowned Dead Sea salt companies such as Kamasutra and Shunga are available. Gives the water a beautiful soothing color according to your choice, skin softening formula with a soothing scent and perfect for a romantic couple bath.

Bath-shower gel

Available in different fragrances and flavors, the gel is lickable, even the bubbles are edible. For bubbles full of flavor, dilute with water. The mousse is rich and creamy. Their delicate flavors stimulate the senses and allow kisses to be exchanged all over the body without aftertaste.

Bath salt

Everything to relax you and make your session in the bathtub satisfying, leaving the skin showered and fresh.

Vibrator and massager

Now a wide range of women vibrator and massager can in some cases be used simply in the shower while others are fully submersible for the bathtub. You only have to read the description, it clearly indicates all their possibilities.

Whether in the shower or in the bathtub, we strongly recommend the use of a personal silicone lubricant. Why silicone? Because personal silicone lubricant is non-water soluble and provides lubrication while preventing irritation.

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