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Massager can be used for all kinds of things, to enhance your pleasure during solo or couple play, to awaken your senses, to help you achieve orgasm or have multiple orgasms. Even to give you a good back massage. With a massager, you can indulge yourself for as long as you want.

The model with a ball-shaped head is the favourite of many, and many women agree that the intense and diffuse sensations of this type of massager bring great satisfaction. Loved by women and men alike, it can be used as a couple or solo.

By holding the massager between your legs (or between two bodies), the vibrating head surface can effectively vibrate the head of the clitoris as well as the outside of the vulva for deeper arousal. Men like it especially for perineal stimulation and outwardly under the head of the penis or the pubis.

Several massager models are now rechargeable which eliminates the wire of the original models. They are effective and have a very intense vibration.

In short, if you are looking for power in your sex toys, you cannot do better than a trusty massager. These fun toys generally have a longer, straighter body with a round head that vibrates for maximum clitoral stimulation and they are also known to have long-lasting power, so no need to constantly search for your charging cable.

Massager has come a long way since the old school Hitachi Magic Wand, which gained popularity after sex educator Betty Dodson began teaching women how to use it in the 1960s.

Finally now massagers have flexible heads, dozens of vibrating functions, and if you’re ready, completely submersible for that extra special feeling!

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