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As sexy lingerie, the sex shop La Clé du Plaisir has always had the basic sexy costume as a naughty schoolgirl or a sexy nurse. Now the offer is much bigger with sexy costume for private secretary, maids, policewoman, belly dancers, etc. Why has the offer grown so much? Role-playing games! Lovers are increasingly using this way of exploring their sexuality. Suddenly taking on a character’s skin allows them to escape the daily grind and sideline the professional image they have to wear all day!

Put on a sexy policewoman costume and handcuff her! Why not? After all, life is too short not to take full advantage of what is available to us!
When you play a role, it helps break down inhibitions that are hard to get around. Embarrassment, fear of judgment often prevents us from exploring facets of our personality that are repressed and frustrated in the long run. And yet what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom and is up to you and your partner. So have fun! Explore the depths of your imagination with a sexy costume and accessories!

Our sexy costumes often include accessories such as glasses, wrist straps, rulers, hats, handcuffs, masks, etc. Obviously, nothing prevents you from adding naughty products or massage lotions to that.
More fetish sexy costume kits often include lace or vinyl ties for a more eventful night!

Customers who shop this type of sexy lingerie do so for the sake of escape and discovery, but also to explore roles that they otherwise would not have dared to display freely. So you can use these games to understand yourself better, but also to discover other sides of your partner that you might not have suspected! We have the biggest collection of Dreamgirl sexy costume.

Obviously, the Halloween party offers a perfect excuse to dress up, but why not treat yourself to that little extra all year round and enjoy a more unbridled evening with our sexy costumes the only limit will be your imagination so have fun! !

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