Penile prosthesis

Penile prosthesis and strap-on for men or women

Two types of penile prosthesis or penis strap-on are currently on the market. The first, designed for a woman wishing to take her or her partner, is a full-genital prosthesis, it is fixed using a harness or a strap-on at the hips and allows vaginal or anal penetration.

Some penile prosthesis models are universal in size while others are adjustable, adjustable models generally hold much better than penile prostheses with an elastic band. 

The second type of penile prosthesis has an orifice, it is designed for men who have difficulty having erections. It is used by inserting the penis inside and it is fixed using the harness or strap-on attached to it. On the site, we offer both types, either the penis strap-on or the penile prosthesis with and without vibration.

The best models have a good quality belt or panties, often in leather, since elastic belts tend to stretch, we advise you to avoid them ! Certain models of penile prostheses have a vibration system with remote control and are also rechargeable to give you more sensation and mobility.

To effectively clean your penile prosthesis and to increase their lifetime, just use a sex toy cleaner and warm water.

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