First, you only have one penis, and like all body parts, it needs to be taken care of. This is not just about protecting your sex life, but about ensuring overall good health.
For example, it is essential to stay active, to protect yourself during sex, and to maintain good hygiene.

The masturbator

Regular masturbation according to your desire is very healthy to maintain an active sex life. The use of a masturbator offers the possibility of bringing a change in terms of textures and sensations. In addition, whether with a manual masturbator, a realistic masturbator or a vibrating masturbator, you will have very variable and often very intense sensations.

Easy to use, there are all prices and adjustable to different penis shapes. There are also now realistic sex doll that look so deceivingly like a real woman. Surprisingly realistic, they can easily be used as a masturbator.
Some masturbator will imitate fellatio, others vaginal penetration while some will imitate anal penetration.

Ring for penis and testicles

A cock ring or a vibrating cock ring helps in the first case to maintain erection and delay ejaculation, in the second to bring additional excitement to its user and partner.

Penis pump

The penis pump can be used to increase the volume of the penis or simply to provide an erection.

Ejaculation delay

The genital desensitizer for men or spray allows, as its name suggests, to prolong ejaculation by desensitizing part of the penis.

All of these products are available and more to take good care of your cock and the same cost of your sex life.

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