First of all, anal sex can be practiced in various ways. Either with an anal vibrator , an anal dildo , a prostate vibrator or simply by penetration with the penis .

To start, always use a good quality anal lubricant for anal sex. For beginners there are lubricants containing a product which slightly desensitizes the entrance to the rectum. This product is recommended if the pain of penetration bothers you.
Type of anal lubricant
Various types of anal lubricant are available; water-based intimate lubricantswater-based silicone personal lubricant or the hybrid lubricant.
We therefore recommend that you use the longest-lasting lubricant, i.e. silicone personal lubricant. Quite simply given its great durability, which allows you not to put it back on during sexual intercourse when you use it. Because it is more pleasant during sexual intercourse or when using an anal toy.

Finally there are also sex toys such as anal vibrators , anal dildos and prostate stimulators . All these products must always be used with a lubricant, and in the right quantity to prevent any overheating.
Why practice anal penetration or sodomy
For a personal desire to experience new sensations or the common need of a couple to boost their libido thanks to a previously unusual practice.

Due to the strong sensation, the sphincter being tighter than the vagina, we feel the penis more there.

In order to please your partner, especially if your partner is a man.

In addition to achieving an orgasm, for men, pleasure comes from the sex gland called the prostate . However, as for women, in addition to psychological enjoyment, they can feel physical pleasure thanks to the clitoral nerve bundle which joins the anus.

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