Personal lubrication

First of all personal lubrication is very important whether for vaginal and anal penetration or simply with the use of sex toys. Then several factors such as vaginal dryness or a lack of preparation before the act justify the use of a lubricant, and this to allow full enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

Finally, with regard to sex toys such as women vibrator, masturbators, anal vibrators and anal dildos as well as a multitude of others, the importance of personal lubrication well is obvious to prevent any form of overheating and accentuate pleasure.

In addition, several types of personal lubricant are available such as water soluble personal lubricant, personal silicone lubricant, anal lubricant, warming lubricant, flavored lubricant and hybrid lubricant.

To start the water-based intimate lubricant

The water soluble personal lubricant is water-soluble and suitable for all types of penetration and sex toys. As its name suggests, it is water soluble so very easy to clean, however it is less efficient than personal silicone lubricant and less adaptable than anal lubricant.

Second the silicone personal lubricant

Personal silicone lubricant is the most effective of all in terms of duration, it is available for vaginal penetration and as an anal lubricant and warming lubricant. More expensive than the water soluble personal lubricant, it is well worth it since a very small amount used allows performance and exceptional glide. On the other hand, it is more difficult to clean, a small price to pay for such excellent performance!

Third the anal lube

In fact, anal lubricant as its name suggests is perfectly designed for anal penetration. So in general it is more consistent therefore easier to use and often contains a little desensitizer which sometimes helps new users.

Fourth the warming lubricant

The warming lubricant, as its name suggests, has the particularity of heating up either by friction or when you blow on it. Designed for those who like more intense sensations, it is also available with flavors.

Fifth the flavor lubricant

Flavored lubricant is available as a water soluble personal lubricant, personal silicone lubricant, warming lubbricant, and hybrid lube. It is available in a multitude of flavors to satisfy all tastes.

Finally the hybrid lubricant

Hybrid lubricant is simply a mixture of water-based intimate lubricant and personal silicone lubricant. This blend gives the user the best of both worlds, a lubricant that cleans up better than a personal silicone lubricant and performs better than a water soluble personal lubricant.

In short, all intimate lubricants have a different quality, it only remains for you to find the one that suits you best.

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