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Ladylove realistic sex doll

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Ladylove realistic sex doll of Madam X. The Ladylove realistic sex doll in addition, the intimate parts are amazingly realistic, both on the outside and the inside. This product includes free gifts and free shipping anywhere in Canada!

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Ladylove realistic sex doll of Madam X

Ladylove realistic sex doll comes with a brown wig. The realistic sex doll you choose is exactly the one that is delivered to you, however the clothes they may be wearing in the pictures differ from the lingerie you receive with her.

The Women of Madame X are all made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), a material with high elasticity and high resistance that is called FleshClone. A precision creation with a special attention to detail that makes them almost real. They are extremely soft to the touch and the inside of these dolls is a human skeleton-like structure made of strong, durable stainless steel. The joints are the same as the human being and they are mobile from head to toe: spine – elbows – wrists – hands – fingers – knees – ankles – feet – toes.

They are agile, they adjust easily in all positions, they are so malleable and flexible that they bend and twist like very few humans can and they are built for full intimacy. In addition, the intimate parts are amazingly realistic, both on the outside and the inside. The vaginal opening, the anal opening and the mouth are at your service. We wish you a lot of fun with Ladylove!


Weight: 45kg
Height: 170cm
Breast: 86cm
Waistline: 60cm
Hipline: 95cm
Feet size: 21cm
Vagina depth: 18cm
Anus depth: 18cm
Material: TPE

Our Vision of Madame X’s Women

Not only does your doll have what it takes to fulfill your sexual desires, but she is also a real and imaginary companion who at times will fill a void you may have or even become a third member of your couple…
The Women of Madame X are there to fill a need that cannot always be realized due to the complexity of human relationships. We believe that the use of these dolls fills a void in our lives. This emptiness can be filled by a real partner of course but can bring sometimes too many disappointments, yes, it happens and often it can be beneficial to take a break and return to a relationship between two people later on with better perspectives.

With these last words, our goal is not to discourage human relationships on the contrary, but to fill in our lives with temporary or prolonged voids. We even dare to say that a good relationship with a realistic sex doll might be better than a bad one with a human. We even dare to say for those who calculate the cost of a relationship that a Mrs. X Wife will cost much less than a few dates or short and medium term relationships. Using our dolls is also very safe; no disease can be transmitted to you.

When you take the doll out of its packaging

Each love doll is carefully packaged and requires minimal head assembly. Her head and wig are packaged separately and are ready to be attached to her body. Each of the Madame X Women comes to you with the following items:
-One wig
-A sexy little negligee
-A comb
-White cotton gloves
-An irrigator for rinsing
-USB heating probe
-Finger and toe nails
-Screw to fix the head
-A sample of its skin
-User’s guide

Cutting edge features

Realistic eyes (varies depending on your model)
Articulated body
Realistic vagina
Realistic anus
Sensual lips (depends on your model)
Realistic fingers
Realistic toes
Firm breasts
Round buttocks
Bolts under the feet to stand

Hygiene Guarantee

Our realistic sex dolls have been packed by the manufacturer and are never handled afterwards. IMPORTANT NOTE: this is why each doll comes with a piece of her skin that serves as a sample to judge the softness and quality of her skin. We call this skin FleshClone.

For maximum pleasure… Lubrication!

It is essential to use only a water soluble personal lubricant when you penetrate one of its holes to ensure a comfortable sliding and optimal experience. NOTE: Never use silicone, mineral or petroleum based lubricants, as this could damage your doll. We have many choices of water soluble personal lubricant on our site. To take good care of your doll, use the Plaisir softening powder for realistic sex toys.



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