Realistic sex doll

Realistic sex dolls larger than life!

First equipped with the very latest technology, our realistic sex doll are exceptionally designed.

In addition, manufacturing an envelope of TPE as realistic as skin and an aluminum skeleton, all of our lifelike sex dolls can take a multitude of positions offering you sensations very close to a true feminine presence.

Designed for sexual use, our realistic sex dolls feature an entire mouth, an anal and a vaginal opening for the most realistic pleasure! The texture of the breasts of our lifelike dolls is simply breathtaking and what about their provocative appearance almost too good to be true!

Although you can also use your sex toys such as women vibrator to make all your sexual fantasies come true, be sure to lubricate your realistic sex doll abundantly. 

Clean with a mild antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner and Plaisir softening powder for realistic sex toys

Finally, always use a water-soluble personal lubricant. Water-based lubricants are easy to clean and will not damage your doll. You should not use oil, petroleum or silicone based lubricants.

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