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How to use a whip and crop

You may have seen people using whip and crop in movies, but you may be curious as to why people find pleasure in using them. Also how to use it correctly if you love experimenting with new sex toys.
Whips and riding crops are commonly used in BDSM sex and, as you will soon find out, are a great tool to introduce yourself to the world of bondage. If this sexual practice interests you, La Clé du Plaisir is able to provide you with all the necessary quality equipment.

Whips and crops are used in sexual relations that are part of BDSM (sexual relations, bondage, dominant, submissive and masochistic). Specifically, whips tend to be used in light bondage practices. But why do people find it enjoyable ? A person who likes the pleasure of whipping is generally a person who likes to be in a submissive role while the whip will have a dominant role.

Being spanked is a pleasure for the submissive, because it is the perfect gesture of control and power from the dominant, to show the submissive who is in charge.


The pleasure of using a whip or a crop also has a physiological explanation, because when used correctly and at the right intensity, spanking activates blood circulation in the whipped area.
This will make any other activity after the spanking more enjoyable due to the higher blood concentration at the whipped spot. Plus, spanking also helps release endorphins, which feels like a rush of pleasure. The same goes with the whip.


As you can see, using a whip or crop is a great idea when you want to experiment with role-playing with your sexual partner. Short or long leather whips, leather and even wooden whips for all tastes and all those who like to dominate or be dominated !

The whip and crop category includes all correction objects. These objects will be used above all to caress or correct gently or more firmly. The pain is mostly in the head and the purpose of whips and crops is more to create apprehension that turns into excitement !

We also have several wooden or leather spanking paddles to correct your partner!

Finally, most whips and crops are made of leather, at La Clé du Plaisir you will find a wide range here for all types of corrections.

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