Anal lubricant

Excellent choice of quality anal lubricants at the best price

A good quality anal lubricant should always be used during sexual intercourse whether it is for penetration or the use of a sex toy to prevent any form of irritation and facilitate insertion. Several types of anal lubricant are available: water-based anal lubricants, silicone-based or even sometimes heating to maximize sensations.

We recommend the silicone anal lubricant which is more pleasant to use due to its durability, because you probably won’t have to put it back on which often can interrupt the pleasure. Among sexual lubricants, the particularity of anal lubricant is that it is more consistent and therefore easier to apply and sometimes it includes a desensitizer to allow painless first penetration.

Generously applying anal lubricant before penetration maximizes your chances of having pleasurable sensations, as there is no natural lubrication at the anal level and even better when using a sex toy which could prove to be irritating. A preparation with the finger coated with anal lubricant is also prescribed to relax the sphincter which will make penetration all the more pleasant.

A wide variety of anal lubricant is available to you on the La Clé du Plaisir online store, whether in a container from two ounces to one gallon of all the major brands such as Plaisir, Pjur, Wet, I.D …, etc.
If you have any questions about our line of sex lubricants, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff for advice.

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