First of all, it must be said that for female sexual intercourse, the clitoris is essential to pleasure, if not orgasm. Several products are available to stimulate it!

The clitoral stimulators with or without pulsation, such as the famous Womanizer products and clitoral vibrators.
Various types of stimulating cream, arousing cream and stimulating gel specially designed for the love button, such as Sexy Vibe, Geisha and Jardins Secrets.
Clitoris stimulator
The clitoral stimulator designed with air-pulse and suction technology stimulates the clitoris without touching it. Another type of stimulator uses a vibrating tongue that vibrates and licks the clit.
In both cases the stimulation is direct and very intense which generally provides intense and faster orgasms than by any other means.
Among the top brands of love button stimulators we find the Womanizer the inventor of air stimulation, which quickly conquered the market.
In fact, the air stimulation process was quickly adopted by women surprised by its effectiveness.
Clitoral vibrator
When it comes to clitoral vibratorsare very easy to use. Indeed, a vibrator for your love button has a particular shape to fit and stimulate the love button. It simply vibrates at variable speed and is composed of different textures to deeply stimulate the clit.
Stimulating cream and gel
Some stimulating creams and gels are specially adapted to stimulate love bumps. In fact, their compositions make it possible to sensitize the vaginal walls and are designed to intensify and stimulate female orgasm. Finally, some of these products produce a heat effect or a hot/cold effect which is very appreciated by women.

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