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Lord of the Wings Stimulator


Lord of the Wings stimulator. Embark on an adventure of unparalleled pleasure with the Lord of the Wings stimulator, a butterfly-style stimulator designed for pleasure.


Explore New Heights of Pleasure with the Lord of the Wings stimulator, the Revolutionary Butterfly Stimulator

Embark on an adventure of unparalleled pleasure with the Lord of the Wings stimulator, a butterfly-style stimulator designed to deliver deep, captivating satisfaction. This revolutionary intimate toy combines powerful vibrations with unique beats for an experience beyond imagination.

Enveloping Vibrations for Complete Coverage

The Lord of the Wings stands out for its flexible butterfly design that delicately envelops the erogenous zones, emitting intense vibrations that stimulate comprehensively. Perfect for those seeking powerful external stimulation, this design ensures full coverage and deeply satisfying sensations.

Innovative Beat Function for a Unique Sensation

At the heart of this stimulator is a rigid main shaft equipped with an innovative beating function. This feature mimics rhythmic movements, creating a sensation that seems straight out of your most daring fantasies. The rod, with its dynamic pulsations, offers internal stimulation that perfectly complements the external vibrations.

Double Pleasure and Remote Control for Maximum Flexibility

Designed for dual pleasure, the Lord of the Wings allows for simultaneous exploration of internal and external pleasures . Thanks to its remote control, this stimulator offers the possibility of varying pleasures from a distance, ideal for couple games or for a more relaxing solo evening.

Become a Fan of the ‘Precious’ Toy on Your Nightstand

Don’t be surprised if Lord of the Wings quickly becomes a favorite on your nightstand. With its combination of innovative features and ergonomic design, this toy is not just a pleasure tool , but an invitation to rediscover your body and explore new dimensions of satisfaction.

Lord of the Wings Key Features:

Flexible butterfly design for maximum external stimulation.
Dynamic beats for a unique internal sensation.
Remote control for a personalized and convenient experience.
Ready to add a touch of magic to your intimate moments? Discover Lord of the Wings today and let yourself be transported by an absolutely unique pleasure experience. Order now and get ready for adventure!


– Height: 15.2 cm, Depth: 10.3 cm, Width: 5.7 cm
– Insertable length: 11.4 cm, Insertable diameter: 3.1 cm
– Remote control: H: 6 cm, L: 3.8 cm, D: 2.1 cm
– Remote range: 30.5 meters
– 10 beat and vibration speeds and patterns
– 2 motors controlled separately
– Made from phthalate and latex-free silicone and ABS
– Magnetic USB rechargeable, cable included
– Raincoat




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