Clitoral stimulator

First, the clitoral stimulator is offered in different types of products, starting with the clitoris stimulator, stimulating creams and gels, clitoris vibrators, Womanizers, and clitoris pumps.

In the first place the stimulator for the clitoris

The clitoris stimulator is both a stimulator that works by independent suction and an appendage added to a dual action vibrator (clitoris and vaginal) often called a rabbit vibrator. In the first case it works with suction at the level of the clitoris, which according to the opinion of a majority of women is extremely stimulating and leads to intense and rapid orgasms. In the second case, a suction stimulator or a vibrating object is added to a vibrator for women to provide double stimulation, either vaginal and clitoral.

Stimulating creams and gels

Stimulating creams and gels are products directly applied to the clitoris which stimulate it either by contraction, heating or simply by giving hot/cold sensations. Very effective in sensitizing the clitoris, it often greatly facilitates the achievement of orgasm.

Vibrators for the clitoris

On the other hand, the clitoris vibrator stimulates it by vibration and often adapts perfectly to the shape of the clitoris.


Finally, the famous Womanizer products that work with the patented Pleasure Air suction system that provides unique sensations and causes intense clitoral excitement. This usually leads to intense and fast orgasms!

Pump for the clitoris

The clitoris pump stimulates and inflates the clitoris which provides unique sensations and unique orgasms. Some clitoris pumps and vaginal pumps work with bulbs or with battery-operated mechanisms for more freedom of movement.

Finally, we have a wide range of clitoris stimulators for the greatest pleasure of these ladies!

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