Hood and mask

Hood and mask for connoisseurs

The use of hood and mask allows for complete anonymity.
Nothing more exciting than a little role-playing game under the anonymity of a hood. Some models in black latex will make you look like a tigress. Others, which only feature a hole for the mouth, turn you into a doll, given over to the desires of a partner you can no longer see. There are even some without orifice which exacerbates all the sensations. Inside a hood, deprived of sight, hearing and taste, you feel like a pure sexual object, all the senses awake, on the lookout, hypersensitive to the slightest touch!
The mask, on the other hand, gives an air of abandonment to the caresses and abuse of his partner in a more subtle and delicate way.
The hoods and masks that you will find here are all top quality and made with care!

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