First of all the desensitizer is very useful for delay ejaculation which are designed to help men have sex longer and more intensely. Then it’s the perfect companion to boost sex time, so you don’t have to hold back.

Thus it is used on the frenulum of the penis and desensitizes it for a more or less long period depending on the amount of benzocaine or lidocaine it contains. These two desensitizer products are local anesthetics for the penis which are controlled in quantity in different brands such as Stud 100, Colt or Endurance RX delay Spray.

In order to properly use the product follow the manufacturer’s directions, but it will probably be necessary to gauge the amount you need by trial and error. Each man is different from one to another, either due to the thickness of the dermis on the penis or simply due to your level of sensitivity.

The desensitizer will also be used in a certain anal lubricant to help somewhat desensitize the entrance to the rectum during sodomy. Moreover, this type of lubricant with desensitizer is also used with anal vibrators and prostate stimulators.

Finally, there is also a range of desensitizers for the throat in different flavors such as Goodheads and Croq Monsieur for fellatio. Indeed it helps relieve your gag reflex during oral sex.
All these products sold at La Clé du Plaisir are controlled by Health and Wellness Canada, which assures you of their quality.

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