Stimulating cream and gel

Quality stimulating creams and gels

The stimulating cream and gel for men is applied over the entire length of the penis and is intended to give it greater sensitivity, helping to produce an erection. The function of the stimulating cream and gel is to activate the blood circulation, which increases the sensitivity in the tissues of the dermis, thus allowing a more sustained erection.

As these creams are stimulating, they do not delay ejaculation, on the contrary. They will be used by men wishing to have a more sustained erection or wishing to have different sensations.

The stimulating cream and gel for women are applied directly to the internal parts of the vagina, either with the finger or by introduction with a penis which is covered with it. These make the vaginal walls more sensitive and constrict the vaginal walls which greatly promote orgasm in women. In some cases they will swell the G-spot making it easier to find !

Being able to cause contractions, they are prohibited for pregnant women and should ideally not be used 2 days before and after menstruation, the cream being less effective in these periods.
In some cases the stimulating cream and gel are designed to titillate the clitoris or the nipples. They will have the particularity of making a sensation of cold or heat on these sensitive parts!

The stimulating lip balm is also very popular. It is used to excite the genitals during cunnilingus or fellatio by giving waves of hot and cold to the part thus excited ! The stimulating cream and gel are much more effective for women than tablets taken by mouth since they work directly on the genitals.

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