Urethral probe

Choice of urethral probe (penis plug) for excessive pleasures

A urethral probe (urethral stimulator, urethra dilator, also known as a penis plug)

A urethral probe is a type of sex toy inserted into the opening of the urethra to stimulate the urethral nerve to increase sexual pleasure.

It is also commonly referred to as a sperm plug stopper (penis plug). This type of sexual pleasure is called urethral play. Urethral play involves stretching the urethra and massaging the urethra with different textures. It allows people to discover their erogenous zones in innovative ways. The insertion of a urethral probe (penis plug) for a man will be used to masturbate until he reaches orgasm. Men often begin to use short urethral catheters and with experience, move to longer, tube-shaped versions.

A penis plug will make your urethra extremely sensitive and in turn react to any stimulus. For example, if you had a urethral catheter inside an erect penis and you were to move your hand gently over the tip of the penis, the sensations you will experience will be deeply exaggerated and reverberate throughout your body. 

If the urethral catheter is used correctly, it can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience that will test the limits of the urethra. The pleasant feeling is very difficult to explain and it is a unique experience for all. Everyone is unique and will react differently to the sensations experienced. The best way to explain it is that it is a completely different experience than a regular orgasm. It’s like having an orgasm from the inside out.

Before any use, the urethral probe must be cleaned and disinfected with a suitable sex toy cleaner. The use of a large quantity of personal silicone lubricant is essential to avoid irritating the sensitive urethra.

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