Flavoured warming lotion

Flavoured warming lotions for lover

Flavour Warming Lotion is one of the most popular lotions in our collection. Of the ingredients that compose it are sorbitol which is the element that makes the lotion warm.
The heat effect depends on its concentration. Too sweet it is sticky, enough it reduces the natural or artificial taste of the fruits.
A good flavourful warming lotion is often the one with the fewest ingredients and prioritizing natural aromas, flavours and fruits. As it is heated, it is not recommended at the vaginal level, but not dangerous for health. The friction generates heat, but hot air like breath is more effective.
Applying it to the breasts or penis will make the sensation of heat caused extremely stimulating. Depending on where you apply, the flavoured warming lotion will lead your partner to stroke and taste the desired spots.
There are several warming massage oils on the market and the taste range is incredibly diverse!
The brand of heated massage lotion with Shunga flavour has the particularity of being able to serve as a lubricant, in fact, it is dosed to be able to be used on the private parts!

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