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Large selection of quality women’s lingerie

La Clé du Plaisir Erotic Boutique proudly presents its wide range of women’s lingerie selected especially for you. You will find companies from all over the world with the latest trends! And yes, there are also trends in women’s lingerie! This category is for all women of course, but more specifically for those who want to make their partner live a sensual experience by singularly inhabiting her femininity.

Sexy lingerie companies
sexy lingerie
presented here have carefully crafted babydolls, bustiers, dresses, basques, gowns, teddies, negligees, etc. in every color and texture imaginable.
If you are wearing a vaporous babydoll (a small morning coat that is very popular in women’s lingerie), the transparency of the fabric will reveal the contours of your body. This will definitely catch your partner’s eye.

The softness of the fabric will not fail to add to the sensuality of the caresses made over it and will excite the erogenous zones like thighs or nipples! Then your lingerie will not be only a garment, but also an accessory to include in your panoply of naughty objects!

Wearing a corset (or garter) attached to stockings, will give a definitely sexy look and what man is not attracted by the vision of breasts raised in a corset and legs curved by fishnet stockings! The advantage of this type of corset is that it is a little longer and more complicated to remove. So ladies, by the time your partner understands how it works, he will have plenty of caresses to distribute. It’s a surefire way to stretch foreplay!

A women’s lingerie that is also very popular is the little house dress. You know the kind of ultra tight and ultra short dress? Receive your partner dressed in such a dress and you will be sure to make an impact! Often nylon or Spandex will be used in the garment to maximize the elasticity of the fabric. This makes your dress stick to you like a second skin and reveal all your forms with maximum comfort.

You can add to this garment stockings that hold themselves to the thigh, which you will find in the section
stockings, body stocking and garter belt
section of our website, and you will complete your sexy look!

We also have more ”fetish” lingerie like dresses or teddys in vinyl or ”wet look” that can come with accessories like ties or whips. This is perhaps the best way to integrate a little bondage subtly into a relationship!

Lingerie and accessories

Our women’s lingerie, for the most part, comes with panties (often a thong) and sometimes even with other accessories such as stockings, g-string, hair ties, glasses, ruler to correct, wrist ties, etc. You have to read the definition carefully to see what is and is not included.
In any case, women’s lingerie has unavoidable advantages. It allows you to externalize your sensuality which is basically the ability to taste the pleasures of our senses, to be receptive to all our sensations. What better way than to attract the other with the eyes first and make him look at our body differently.

A sensual person is above all a person who assumes himself and who is well in his skin. In all times and in all eras, people have felt the need to dress better to be more confident. Women’s lingerie gives women the means to emphasize this statement while providing different sensations through the very presence of the fabric and its texture. The freshness of satin, the softness of nylon, the crackle of vinyl, the uneven texture of lace all provide different sensations that will enhance and increase the sensation when touched.

To bring you all these sensations, the erotic store La Clé du Plaisir has taken care to make its selection a palette of color and texture to explore all that you have dreamed of trying. The collections
Fantasy, Music Legs,
and Desire to name a few are among the choices offered.

We also took care to choose pieces that respected the sizes displayed so we can make sure that the lingerie you buy will fit you for sure! You only need to pay attention to the size charts indicated!

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