We have all excellent Shunga products in stock.

La Clé du Plaisir offers you the largest inventory of excellent Shunga erotic products which is a range of very varied and sophisticated erotic products including a wide selection of massage products, sexual stimulants, bath products, in short a selection of products suitable for couples wishing to enhance their romantic evening.

First of all, among their wide selection you will find erotic massage oils made from 100% natural cold pressed oils in a wide variety of scents that leave no greasy residue and contain no mineral or animal oil. Perfect oils for massage lovers with exotic names and scents such as Aphrodisia, Libido, Romance … etc.

For massage Shunga also offers a complete collection of candles that when lit provide a hot massage oil perfect for your steamy erotic evenings! Offered in two sizes and in several fragrances, these products will be perfect for your hottest escapades. Massage powders and creams in different flavours will complete the section of products designed specifically for this purpose here.

For those who like intense pleasures, the heating oils with flavours of Shunga specially designed for the erogenous zones is offered to you in a panoply of flavours that will satisfy the most demanding. The heating oils are delicious to the taste and are simply activated by the warm breath of intimate kisses.

Now ready to take action you will appreciate the selection of Toko intimate lubricant which offers you a choice of flavoured intimate lubricant, water-based lubricant formulated exclusively to reproduce natural lubrication and finally Toko silicone-based lubricant, with a velvety texture that provides long-lasting lubrication.

Especially for women, Shunga vaginal cream, stimulating cream and firming gel is known to increase the sensations and intensity of orgasms with a simple application to the private parts. Men will not be left out with Dragon virility cream and Shunga desensitizer spray, the former to increase sensitivity in the penis and the latter to delay ejaculation to allow men to stay in full control of their muscles, sex lives. Sensation flavoured balms offer the possibility of temporarily numbing the most sensitive parts in order to enjoy certain small pleasures for longer!

To make the most of your moments of relaxation, a selection of bath gel and bath salt, always with intoxicating fragrances, are available to you to prepare you well for your romantic evenings or to end them in a relaxing way.

Of course Shunga offers a wide range of products in the form of a legally presented box of these products in an elegant way to offer as gifts or simply to share with your loved one.

Remember that all Shunga products have been proudly made in Canada and sold around the world for over twenty years which guarantees their excellent qualities and a most sophisticated presentation!

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