Plus size lingerie

Our selection of sexy lingerie for plus size women

Why this selection of plus size lingerie?

Is having curves and wearing plus size lingerie a contradiction? Not at all! Asserting your femininity is very important whether you are slender or have more to love! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and being beautiful for the other person is important, but being beautiful for yourself in the mirror is even more important. Our most awarded plus size lingerie collection is from

We talk a lot about sexual diversity, but we still have to love this body we carry. Adorning it with silk and lace will only increase this self-acceptance and break down the barriers of discomfort with our bodies that prevent us from letting go during the nights of love! Leave the light on and be the most beautiful! Be bold and dare to do all those naughty things you’ve been doing without! Dare to wear plus size lingerie!

The first thing we had to make sure of when putting together our plus size lingerie selection was that the sizes were within the stated chart! We didn’t want to have pieces just stretched out in all directions like some companies do sometimes! So we had several women of different sizes and measurements try on several plus size lingerie to make sure that the lingerie we had selected would fit all women respecting this same charter.

Wide selection

We then made a varied selection to please all tastes and fulfill all fantasies. Whether in Los Angeles or Montreal, our choices are based on the quality of the workmanship and fabrics. Your lingerie will remain beautiful and silky as long as you respect the cleaning rules set by the manufacturer.

We have incorporated into our selection of steamy babydolls that give the impression of wearing nothing while sensually covering the parts of our body that we prefer not to reveal too quickly. ! The laces are soft and supple to fit your body nicely. The caress of the fabric on the skin will also give sensations during foreplay by arousing the erogenous zones!

We also put in our selection of lingerie size more, corsets that you can attach to sexy stockings. Because yes, we also made a selection of stockings especially for women who have more to love! There are garter stockings of course, but also ”stay-up” stockings that hold themselves with a silicone band and stockings with the garter belt integrated. Yes ladies, femininity is no longer out of your reach!


In the plus size lingerie, there are also small interior dresses that will announce the color to your partner at his arrival! These little negligees can be worn as a sexy outfit for a romantic dinner that will have panache. The fabrics used for these dresses are ultra stretchy and comfortable like nylon or transparent or not Spandex. Of course, you will find them in a wide range of colors, but classic black is always a must! In any case you will make a monster effect and your partner will be delighted!

You’ve read 50 Shades of Gray and you want to be naughty? We also have a number of fetish clothes that will recreate the desired atmosphere! Accessories such as ties and fags can be included with the costume, which can be made of vinyl or wet look leather, but is as comfortable as Spandex! You can realize your greatest fantasies without fear or complex!

In the plus size lingerie section you will also find sexy costumes to play your favorite role playing game. Do you want to be the sweet schoolgirl or the dirty nurse? Why not! We also have costumes and accessories to meet all your expectations! Pretending can be really exciting and allows us to do things we don’t normally allow ourselves!

Our plus size lingerie often comes with panties or accessories such as glasses, ties, ribbons, fetish accessories, etc. Be sure to take the time to read the definition to see what is included in your favorite! If needed, you can complete the picture with stockings and why not a
massage candle
? Everything is in place to make your date a memorable evening!

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