Chinese ball

Chinese balls for a good preparation for the sexual act

Chinese ball probably made and used in China for hundreds of years.

Chinese ball are first made from small round stone inserted into hollowed out walnut shells were hollow wooden balls are connected by a cord, noble women stick to it.

Were used at the time to obtain solitary pleasure without their use being apparent. Indeed sometimes the warlords having several wives some of them saw their neglected sexuality and had to manage it so as not to be outdone of certain carnal pleasures hence the use of pleasure balls.

A great evolution

This type of sex balls has greatly evolved nowadays and is made of several materials such as plastic, silicone and certain metals to increase resonance. Their manufacture is rather simple a metal or stone ball is simply introduced inside a first sphere then connected to one or more other spheres by a cord. A simple movement causes the balls to move inside the spheres, causing a vibration that stimulates the vaginal walls. Better quality balls are coated with hypoallergenic silicone safe for vaginal infections or rubber, phthalate-free plastic. The advisers of La Clé du Plaisir sex shops will be able to advise you on the best models that will suit you.

Today the use of this type of sex balls has two main functions.

The first being for women to get ready to have sex and the second to get some pleasure all by toning up those vaginal muscles. In the first case, the use of this type of female sex toy will be done simply by inserting the Chinese balls several minutes before the sexual act in order to be well prepared. That is, to achieve a certain level of arousal for better vaginal lubrication which helps women to reach an orgasm more easily. This method is recommended for those who have a partner who is sometimes in a bit of a hurry!

All women who have a problem with lubrication should try Chinese Balls, not only is their use a great exercise for the pelvic muscles, but they can help with vaginal dryness or lack of lubrication in a very safe way natural fact.

Solitary use

In the second case, for the one who prefers them used alone, it suffices to move and or try with the vaginal muscles to press on the Chinese balls so as to feel the vibrations caused by the clashing of the metal balls or stone inside. This vibration and movement will restore tone to the vaginal muscles and cause a sweet sensation of pleasure. Chinese balls are connected together by a cord, depending on the model there may be two to five balls attached together. Each containing a metal ball, another cord at the end of one of the balls will be used for removal by simply pulling on it.

Use and care

All Chinese ball designs should be used with a good quality water soluble personal lubricant to facilitate insertion and removal. After each use, clean the balls with an antibacterial product for sex toys such as Plaisir antibacterial cleaner and rinse them with hot water, dry them well and store in a dry place in the box provided or a small plastic bag. Contrary to popular belief, Chinese balls should be removed before penetration by a partner to avoid obvious discomfort on either side.

With vibration

Some models of Chinese balls have their own vibration mode that works on batteries and sometimes even with a remote control to operate them. This type of model obviously brings a much higher level of sensation for users who can not only control them remotely, but also vary the level of vibration from low to very high. Some models are even rechargeable with a USB plug and only require batteries for remote control. 

Finally, Chinese balls are an excellent tool for women, whether it is to help them with good preparation for sex or simply to manage certain pleasures alone. But in any case if you feel any pain during their use or if you experience heating in the vagina, immediately stop using them and we recommend that you consult a doctor. In the vast majority of cases, their uses do not pose any problem on the contrary you will experience great satisfaction, but it is always better to be vigilant to prevent any inconvenience!

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