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Vaginal stimulator perfect pink


Invented and used since time immemorial by geishas, Perfect ben-wa balls are conceived to bring heightened pleasure to everything to do with the vagina. 

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Kegel exercises, known around the world to strengthen this region, are now easy to do simply by wearing Perfect ben-wa balls.Ben-wa balls are like a gym for your sexuality.  But exercise takes hard work… actually no!  Rest assured, you’ll only need to wear them, and exercise (and pleasure) will become easy.  Imagine two hollow balls with weighted beads inside that move around inside you with the slightest body movement.  It’s a little like a vibrator that works off of your body movements, with no batteries and no noise.

Your Perfect balls are made of 100% silicone.  Their oval shape was designed for easy penetration.  Imagine yourself in any of your everyday activities with your Perfect balls.  They are so discreet, only you will know they’re there… and believe me, you’ll know.  We can’t guarantee that you’ll constantly be smiling, but your great mood will be noticed.

Using them is very easy, and simple plastic string lets you take them out easily… easy to insert and take out.

PS.  It is written that many women who wear their Perfect balls develop the ability to reach orgasm more frequently and several times per day.  It is also written that the man will have better sensations with a partner who uses ben-wa balls.  Perfect; a simple accessory with many avantages.



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