Kegel ball

Kegel ball for successful vaginal exercises

The Japanese balls which became Kegel balls were originally made up of two small round stones sometimes of jade sometimes of semi-precious stone.

The was mainly used by geishas around the fifth century, which is why they are still nicknamed “balls of geisha”. Geishas used it to firm their pelvic muscles and were known to have sex with a man when they could make him ejaculate by simply moving their muscles over the penis. Of course to achieve such control she practised for months if not years with the said Japanese balls which gave them an extraordinary reputation. Today many nicknames are given for this type of sex ball including pleasure beads, Ben-Wa ball, Kegel ball, vaginal balls, etc.

Like all types of sex balls, nowadays they have more modern versions, sometimes in glass, gold-plated metal or metal covered with silicone and having different weights, they are sometimes single or double with interchangeable weights. Some are connected to each other by a rigid cord, each end can accommodate balls of different weights and are, you guessed it interchangeable. The weight and size of Kegel balls play a big part in exercising, because the heavier the weight the harder it will be to keep inside the vagina.

The same goes for their size, the smaller they are the more difficult they are to handle and keep inside the vaginal walls. Ideally, it is best to start the exercises with lighter weight and larger balls and increase the weight and decrease the size when you have full control over the first ones used. You can choose to focus on weight rather than size since the two do not necessarily go together.

The Kegel ball or Japanese ball are widely recognized today for their therapeutic effect by both doctors and sex therapists. Dr. Kegel having widely popularized by Kegel exercises their use especially to prepare women for childbirth and subsequently prevent bladder descents. The exercise is simple, to practise in different positions it is enough to introduce the Kegel balls inside the vagina and to keep them in place when standing, or in laying position by flexing the pelvic muscle to make them move inside the vagina.

As mentioned above you can also vary the weight and size of the Kegel ball which is offered to you in different versions. These exercises, done on a regular basis, are intended to restore tone to the pelvic muscle which is very helpful during childbirth during pushes to carry out the delivery of the baby. After childbirth they will help prevent uncontrolled urine leakage due to sagging pelvic muscles. Doctors often use the term bladder descent after childbirth, this is simply due to loosening and loss of tone in the perineum which supports the bladder, uterus, small intestine and rectum. Kegel exercise helps the perineum to relax and prevents incontinence. Regular exercise helps keep pelvic muscles active and healthy.

The Kegel ball is also used by practising these different exercises to promote the sensitivity of the vaginal muscles and to give women better control over their own pleasure during sex. The vaginal contractions that women can more easily perform during penetration allow them to participate much more actively in sex which their male partners are sure to enjoy! Multiple childbirth and aging contribute to a sagging perineum for many women. The more pronounced for some than the other, as for the rest of the body, regular exercise is the guarantee of better health, the same goes for vaginal exercises which will make you look youthful again!

To conclude, the complete list of all Kegel exercises for pregnant women is easy to obtain from your doctor or simply on the internet. On the other hand, we cannot insist enough that you discuss them with your doctor, because in certain cases of pregnancy, they may not be recommended, for example causing contractions before term.

As for the Kegel ball except in the event of pregnancy, of course, both a sex therapist, a doctor and a counselor at La Clé du Plaisir sex shops will be able to advise you on the wide choice available on the market. Last little tip always clean all types of sex balls before and after their use with an antibacterial cleaner such as Plaisir cleaner, rinse with lukewarm water and store them in a safe

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