Womanizer brand

Womanizer brand  is an clitoral stimulator with revolutionary Pleasure Air™ technology offers the perfect balance between pulsating and massaging air pressure changes without touching the clitoris. This means that the approximately 8,000 nerve endings in the sensitive clitoris are never overstimulated. Enjoy a new type of extraordinary orgasm, even if you’ve never experienced an orgasm before.

Automatic pilot

The autopilot of this clitoris stimulator guides you through pure pleasure and surprises you with random changes in intensities without having to adjust the settings manually. It’s time to ditch the boring routine… With no way to predict what’s next, the autopilot leaves only the thrill of anticipation and ecstasy.
Turn on your Womamizer and listen…silence. A highly responsive sensor ensures that your Womanizer is only activated when it meets your skin. Until then, it will be on standby, and it returns to this mode when you put it aside. Nothing, absolutely nothing, distracts you from your desire. Completely embrace your special moments. You deserve it.

Do you prefer soft and gentle or powerful and intense?

Everyone is different and at Womanizer we understand that. Our balanced intensity levels were designed using feedback from hundreds of women around the world. This guarantees one thing: there is a perfect intensity for every individual, every sensitivity level and every mood.

Whether it’s the highlight of your morning shower or the icing on the cake of your evening bath, Womanizer is IPX7 waterproof and can be enjoyed anytime.

The Womanizer’s stimulation head completely surrounds the clitoris and delivers incredible sensations to the source of your pleasure. Since no clitoris is the same, most of our products come with two different sized heads so everyone can enjoy the right fit for their body.

With the new Womanizer OG combine Pleasure Air stimulation with vibrations to improve your experience. Two types of stimulation mean double the fun, pamper and excite the G-spot for an unforgettable pleasure journey.

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