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Womanizer OG Slate


Womanizer OG Slate. Womanizer OG Slate is a true innovation, combining Pleasure Air stimulation with vibrations to pamper the G-Spot with simultaneous stimulation. This product includes free gifts and free shipping anywhere in Canada!    SEE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE


Womanizer OG Slate

Womanizer OG Slate is the first Pleasure Air G-spot vibrator, combining targeted Pleasure Air and vibrations for a powerful and original orgasmic journey.

What sets Womanizer OG apart?

It’s Pleasure Air Technology for the G-Spot, for the first time ever. Womanizer OG is a true innovation, combining Pleasure Air stimulation with vibrations to pamper the G-Spot with simultaneous stimulation.

Pleasure Air Technology

Pleasure Air stimulation targets the G-spot with pulsating waves and gentle suction leading to a new kind of extraordinary orgasm.

Simultaneous Stimulation

Womanizer OG pairs Pleasure Air stimulation with vibrations to enhance your experience. Two types of stimulation means double the pleasure.

Shaped For Pleasure

Clever design positions vibrations and Pleasure Air perfectly. Curved to your body, with a flexible arm for a custom fit.


Womanizer OG is waterproof (IPX7), making it easy to enjoy anywhere and simple to clean.

3 Vibration Level

Pick your wavelength – low, medium or high vibration.

12 Intensity Level

Perfectly balanced intensity levels offer the right setting for every mood.


By short-pressing the minus button, Womanizer OG quickly reverts to its lowest setting for a relaxing end to an orgasm.

Smart Silence

Pleasure Air stimulation only turns on when in direct contact with skin, preserving battery and reducing noise.

Some sneaky details about how to thrive with Womanizer OG

The G-spot

• The “G” in G-Spot is named after physician Ernst Gräfenberg. While the name has stuck, today we know that the G-Spot is not so much a “spot” but rather a larger area of the inner clitoris, which can be stimulated from inside the vagina.

• The G-Spot area is covered by the front vaginal wall making it less sensitive than the exposed outer clitoris. As it‘s covered, the G-Spot takes more time to warm up. It gets bigger, more sensitive, and more receptive to stimulation with arousal.

• A G-Spot orgasm is a truly special, unique experience, and can take a little time and care to achieve— and worth it! The resulting climax is so satisfying and totally different from anything you’ve experienced.



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