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Since the beginning of the 19th century, the stockings, body stocking and garter belt category of sexy lingerie has been a part of women’s lives and a disturbance to men’s lives! The garter, a simple band on the thigh to keep the stockings in place has given way to garter belts that start at the waist with ribbons that tie the stockings and keep them in place on the thighs.

The most famous image of these stockings, body stocking and garter belt that are elevated to the rank of sensuality is certainly the French Cancan dancers who rolled up their skirts to show their beautiful legs decorated with sexy stockings and garter belt. At a time when
women’s lingerie
did not even reveal the beginning of their ankles, this show had everything to upset the male gender!

Men pretty much all agree that they would gut the guy who invented pantyhose! No woman today wears a garter belt every day! And yet what a sensual surprise for the man who caresses the leg of his sweetheart and falls on the curve of the thigh curved by a magnificent lace garter belt! This would be a priceless gift!

Stockings, body stocking and garter belt can now be worn in other ways. The stay-up or self-fixing stocking for example. This stocking fits on its own, without a garter belt, with a simple silicone band inside. They were invented by the Dim company in 1986, but we didn’t see them appear on our shelves until the early 90s. Since then we have added a wide range of them to our collection of sexy stockings. They come in a wide range of colors and textures such as mesh, lace and nylon.

Body stocking is now a new way to wear sexy stockings. They cover a larger part of the body and most are made in one piece. Often a garter belt is integrated into the design of the model offering greater accessibility to your partner. These body stockings are made of the same material as the pantyhose, so they are very stretchy and fit a very wide range of women.

We have lace, net, nylon and all kinds of texture and pattern. Some body stocking reminds of small dresses, other of sumptuous bustier and other covers the body from foot to wrist.

Whatever the model, the body stocking will highlight your figure!

So sexy stockings, garter belts and body stockings are a must for your erotic accessory drawer!

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