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The development of new sex toys for men to literally explode over the past twenty years.

When once there were only a few crude model of manual male masturbator to be found there is now an impressive choice of texture and mechanism for sex toys for men to experience sensations breathtakingly realistic!

The discovery of new materials for sex toys for men very realistically approaching human skin as well as the introduction of high-performance movement and suction mechanisms have fostered the emergence of high quality products. Once again, masturbation has become much more democratized due to a sometimes far too severe relaxation of religion, masturbator now offer men a choice of various pleasures and sensations much more elaborate than in the past. Some models are even programmable and can be easily used in the shower.

The introduction of silicone into sex toys for men has also made it possible to manufacture much better adapted and much more comfortable

Cock ring for penis and testicles, prostate stimulator, penile prostheses, condoms and penis sleeve. Incredible realism. Silicone penis rings offer much better elasticity than before, prostate stimulators with their more elaborate shape and increasingly efficient mechanisms allow maximum stimulation of the prostate. Penis prostheses are much more realistic and comfortable, as are penis sleeves. And what about the condoms that previously were only available in latex and one size, now available in different materials for those with latex allergies and size better suited to all penis sizes with more different textures.

But among all the sex toys for men, the one that has surely benefited the most from all this development is without a doubt the erotic doll! Indeed, the new life-size sex dolls are very similar in their realism to a woman’s body. Whether it is the texture of the skin or the visual aspect, what has been achieved is simply amazing, in addition to having interchangeable high quality wigs, the detail of the fingers, the face and the sexual parts is remarkable.

Penis pumps are also part of sex toys for men and can be used for masturbation as well as for promoting erections.

You have the choice between manual models, battery models and even some rechargeable models with USB plug. Penis pumps are even recommended by urologists to aid an erection for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often in conjunction with a cock ring.

Also consider as sex toys for men the urethral probe which is inserted into the penis during masturbation would, according to these users, bring about a very intense orgasm during ejaculation. Urethral catheters are made of either premium silicone or surgical steel and are available in a multitude of shapes, lengths and sizes.

For those who aim for a certain performance or who want to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh longer, the ejaculation delay spray is also a product popular with men. In the form of a spray or a gel, depending on the quantity used, it can delay ejaculation by twice as much and sometimes three times which can sometimes inflame your partner (s).


As in the case of women, sex toys for men are, a complement to a fulfilling sex life and can in no way replace a man or a woman during your relations. On the other hand, they allow you to experience almost endlessly a wide range of sensations either solo or with a partner who may also benefit. Do not hesitate to get sex toys for men who will bring spice or simply a change of sensation, discovery and even why not domination in your erotic world.

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Masturbator of all kinds for men.

Cock ring for penis and testicles

Battery-operated, rechargeable cock ring with remote control.


Male delay spray

The best male delay spray on the market!

Urethral probe

Urethral probe for excessive.

Prostate stimulator

Stimulator and vibrator for prostate.

Prostate vibrator

Male penis prosthesis.

Penis sleeve

Sheath and sleeve for the penis.


Condom of different size and brand.

Erotic doll

Inflatable doll and realistic doll.

Penis pump

The best penis pumps on the market!