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The masturbator for men and penis pump is now very efficient having known major evolution both in terms of textures and mechanisms. Made of different materials to meet all your expectations, they are very flexible and easy to clean. Many embarrassments are created when we talk about masturbation, yet everyone exercises it whether or not they are in a relationship, it is in fact a physical need that does not always coincide with the desire for a relationship full torque or just with their frequencies. A masturbator for men simply brings about a change in textures, shape, movement and perhaps fantasy. Why deprive yourself of this pleasure which is quite intimate?

Manual masturbator

The male masturbator  in the form of a manual masturbator is very easy to use since you just have to make a back and forth movement to produce your arousal, but it is presented to you in different forms with different textures which is not only very comfortable, but also very inexpensive. You are in full control with this type of masturbator for men, you decide the speed as well as the pressure to be exerted and it is also very easy to clean.

Realistic masturbator

As its name suggests, the realistic-shaped masturbator for men is surprisingly realistic, sometimes imitating the shape of a mouth, anus or a vagina, but with textures that are very reminiscent of that of a to be human. The advent of new materials for their manufacture makes male stroker of incredible realism that is extremely malleable with a simply fantastic touch that provides unparalleled sensations.

Vibrating masturbator

Some models of masturbator for men also have a vibration and suction mechanism and are sometimes even a heating mode. The vibrating masturbator is surely the most powerful of the masturbators for men with it is different functions where you only have to press buttons for maximum sensation. Some type of this category of masturbator provides amazingly realistic blowjobs with a multitude of pre-programmed choices that allow you to achieve sensations never before possible.

Penis pump

The penis pump is also frequently used for masturbation whether it is vibrating or not. It is not its main function to be used as a masturbator for men, but the air vacuum created during its use in addition in some cases to a mode of vibration provides sensations such that it often causes the ejaculation. Several sizes of penis pump are available, you just have to make the choice that suits you.

Nowadays, the use of masturbators for men has become very popular and some people use it as well as a couple as well as for solitary pleasures so it is up to you to discover any new sensation.
When using masturbators or a pump, make sure to use a quality lubricant, ideally silicone, such as Plaisir lubricant and this in good quantity to maximize your sensations and prevent any kind of irritation that could occur by friction.

Finally, all types of sex toys for men, masturbators and pumps fitted with a battery-operated or electric mechanism are guaranteed for one year by La Clé du Plaisir from the date of purchase caused during normal use of the product. .

Manual masturbator

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Realistic masturbator

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Vibrating masturbator

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