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Bathmate Hydromax 9 penis pump


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Hydromax 9 provides the very latest in hydraulic pump technology, including:

  • The new bellows system provides 35% more suction for better gains.
  • Superflow locking valve for one-handed filling.
  • Soft-sealed comfort ring for superior pelvic support and comfort.
  • Slow release valve to make sure you can’t over pump
  • Durable tube designed to withstand extreme water pressures
  • Hydromax 9 is the ideal sized penis pump for men starting with lengths of 7-9 inches.


  • Improved blood circulation
  • A bigger penis
  • Harder erections
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Reduces symptoms of erectile dysfunction (E.D.)
  • Intensified orgasms
  • Improved Confidence


Maximum internal length of 11.50 ″
Maximum interior width of 2.45 ″
7.69 ″ maximum internal circumference
Resistance at 0.55 bar / 7.97 psi
Materials – 100% medical grade safe for the skin

Using the Bathmate Hydromax 9

Bathing in enough hot water and spraying your waist for at least five minutes, insert your soft organ into the water-filled Bathmate device. With the rubber trimmed base firmly pressed against the base of your penis, press down several times until a vacuum is created. Once a natural seal is formed, you should feel the pressure build up. Pump four or five times for three to five minutes, then relax for a few minutes and enjoy the pleasurable sensation. Fully depress the outlet valve to release the pressure, then repeat the operation. If you cannot pump the device beyond a certain limit, it means you have reached the optimum pressure level. If you feel the pressure is too high, just lightly squeeze the outlet valve. After fifteen minutes of intense wear, fully depress the valve and remove the Bathmate.

For use in the shower, the same principle as above applies, but with some slight changes. After taking a shower for five minutes, hold the Bathmate hydromax 9 upside down and fill it, holding your finger on the outlet valve without exerting pressure. Then turn the device upwards to maintain the water level, lower your organ inside. Form a seal by exerting light pressure, in the same way as in the previous step. You can then continue the same process, making sure that the usage does not exceed 15 minutes.


All Bathmate devices are designed to meet the physical needs of men in maximum comfort and safety. However, it is important to take a few customary precautions. Be sure to carefully review the full range of Bathmate products available, and make sure you purchase the one that best fits your size and needs. Before using for the first time, it is very important to read the entire user manual carefully. Never use it for more than fifteen minutes per session and be patient if necessary. Remember that taking reckless risks for short-term gain can cause long-term pain and injury.



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