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Professional quality penis extender


Professional quality penis extender. Black penis extender with a professional quality extension system.

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Professional quality penis extender

First enhance your love affairs with the Penis Extender, a professional grade lengthening system and male sex toy. So the fully adjustable heightening system includes a thick stretchy silicone strap and easy-to-screw nuts for perfect placement every time.

This, the 4 easy-to-use extension rods gradually increase the length of the penis. Finally, the smooth, seamless base pivots to allow the penis extender to be in position for comfortable extended wear. For added comfort, the supplied dual silicone rods can be used with or without the added foam padding.


The black color
Materials Brass, Silicone, Polyurethane
Phthalate-free features
Nickel allergens
Measures 1.5″ x 1.75″ / 3.75cm x 4.5cm (base ring)
16.5cm / 6.5cm (maximum rod length)
Bulk weight: 5.4 (oz) / 0.15 (kg)

California Exotics Collection

California Exotics Novelty began in 1994 under the founding direction of Susan Colvin. CEO Colvin launched the brand in an effort to balance the market. The one so heavily male-centric of sex toy brands. Despite launching female-owned Cal Exotica in a male-dominated industry.

The brand is highly regarded from all directions including consumers, retailers and even the advertising industry. The manufacturer’s offices contain dozens and dozens of advertising, packaging, manufacturing, leadership, wholesale, and product design awards.

Many business partners, employees, and industry executives of sex toy brands attribute Cal Exotica’s success to its women-friendly approach. Corporate principles, product lines and individual product quality also contribute to the growth of CalExotics. Consumers buy these women-designed products with confidence. Ultimately knowing that every purchase comes with a product warranty that ensures customer satisfaction.



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