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Party Pack Realistic Masturbators


Party Pack Realistic Masturbators . Make your fantasies come true with these realistic Party Pack masturbators designed to match your erotic mood. Contains 3 realistic masturbators.


Party Pack, Realistic Masturbators, contains 3 realistic masturbators.

Make your fantasies come true with these Party Pack realistic masturbators designed to match your erotic mood. Each masturbator features its own unique internal canal textures to mimic the pleasure of anal, vaginal and oral experiences. Use lubricant to enhance your stroking pleasure.


SEX LOVE PASSION: 3 realistic masturbators
Vibration: Non-vibrating
Material: TPE rubber without latex or phthalate
Waterproof and submersible: Yes
Warranty: Five years
Rechargeable: N/A

LESTER: 402.6 g. (with packaging: 445.09 g.)
DIMENSIONS: H: 12.7 cm, D: 3.81 cm L: 3.81 cm

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