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Deluxe Auto-Vac Penis Pump


Deluxe Auto-Vac black penis pump. The Deluxe Auto-Vac Penis Pump with powerful suction motor designed as a non-surgical, safe and affordable alternative.

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Deluxe Auto-Vac automatic penis pump black

Complete strong erections that last and last with this professional quality Deluxe Auto-Vac Penis Pump. Designed as a non-surgical, safe and affordable alternative to expensive procedures and pills, this self-powered penis pump is the easy solution to instantly enlarge your penis without negative side effects. Sit back, relax, and let the battery-powered pump do all the work for you!


At the push of a button, the powerful motor creates strong suction inside the vacuum tube, forcing your erection to rapidly expand in length and girth. Simply insert your penis into the tube, press the power button, and alternate between the three suction speeds as you watch your member swell with power! When you have reached your desired size, simply push the blue quick release valve to release the pressure.

The soft TPR sleeve forms a tight seal against the skin, creating incredible suction and amazing results, while the transparent vacuum tube lets you watch your penis grow and grow in seconds! The tube is made from thick quality acrylic, with metric graduations to measure your growth. To prolong ejaculation, slide an erection ring over your member until it feels nice and comfortable. The pressure exerted will delay ejaculation, help maintain your erection, and prolong pleasure.


– Automatic pump doing all the work for you!
– Powerful motor creates incredible suction
– Quick release button that instantly releases pressure
– Instantly adds length and girth
– Improves your endurance and performance
– Provides stronger, more explosive ejaculations
– Gain confidence and self-esteem


Tube Length: 6.75″ (17cm)
Tube Width: 2.5″ (6.35cm)
Item Length: 8 – (202mm).
Item Width: 2.75 – (67mm).
Item Height: 2.75 – (67mm).





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