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Optimum Automatic Penis Pump


Optimum Automatic Smart Pump penis pump. Boost your performance with the Optimum Series™ Magic Pump, a sleek and durable penis pump designed for superior suction and performance enhancement.

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Optimum Automatic Smart Pump Penis Pump

First, the Optimum Automatic Smart Pump penis pump offers the ultimate enhancement experience. Additionally, an easy squeeze trigger, thick open chamber sleeve and quick air bleed valve are included. Afterward, the durable open-toed sleeve and the narrow sealed chamber give you incredible pleasure with or without a pump.

Plus, never settle for less when it comes to your enjoyment with the Optimum™ Series. The cylindrical penis pump and thick, durable sleeve are designed to effortlessly create the perfect seal and powerful suction. Once you’ve maxed out, use the quick air release to decrease the suction and release the seal.

Powerful engine

Plus, when used regularly, this powerful pump motor can increase endurance, increase overall size, and amplify sensations. In order to never miss your exercises, the powerful penis pump has a protective cap that allows you to improve. To track progress, use the incremental measurement marks on the cylinder shaft.

The quality sleeve fits most standard pumps. But can be used independently for a passionate stroking experience. Premium TPR is a fragrance-free and phthalate-free elastomer, helping you stay healthy in the most sensitive places. Enjoy easy cleaning with this maintenance-free stimulator sleeve. Finally, just wash it with soap and warm water before and after each use. Use enough water-based intimate lubricant or silicone personal lubricant for easy insertion.

To recharge

Recharge the premium pump in 90 minutes with the supplied USB charging cable. Finally, you can enjoy 60 minutes of high speed stimulation or 80 minutes of low speed suction.

The black color
Materials Polystyrene, ABS plastic, thermoplastic rubber
USB rechargeable power source (included)
Features phthalate-free, refillable
Measures 8″ x 2.5″ / 20.25cm x 6.25cm (Cylinder)
13.25cm x 7.5cm (sleeves) 5.25″ x 3″
Bulk weight: 24 (oz) / 0.68 (kg)

California Exotics Novelty

First California Exotics Novelty started in 1994 under the founding direction of Susan Colvin. CEO Colvin started the brand in an effort to balance out the heavily male-centric market of sex toy brands. Despite the launch of Cal Exotica, owned by women. In a male-dominated industry, the brand is highly regarded from all directions. Also by consumers, retailers and even the advertising industry. The manufacturer’s offices contain dozens and dozens of advertising prices. More packaging, manufacturing, leadership, wholesale and product design.

Many business partners, employees, and industry executives of sex toy brands attribute Cal Exotica’s success to its women-friendly approach. Corporate principles, product lines and individual product quality also contribute to the growth of CalExotics. Ultimately, consumers buy these products designed by women. Do this with confidence, knowing that every purchase comes with a product warranty that ensures customer satisfaction.




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