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Worx Max-Width Penis Pump


Worx Max Width large penis pump with handle. Large Max-Width Worx penis pump for men with ring handle and penis ring included to enlarge, enlarge and inflate the penis.

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Worx Max-Width Penis Pump

With the Max-Width Worx penis pump, increase your size and confidence easily, without dangerous drugs, without expensive surgeries and in complete safety. With each pull of the EZ-Grip trigger, your penis will grow, thicken and swell with power. After entering the soft and flexible opening, you will experience the incredible sensation of having throbbing, rock-hard erections. So they go on for a long time, without a midday drop in speed.

The translucent tube allows you to see your penis grow. Also, the quick release valve allows you to release pressure with the press of a button. The soft PVC cover creates a perfectly tight seal with your skin, as well as powerful suction in the cavity. This will force your erection to increase rapidly in length and width.

To prolong ejaculation, put an erection ring on your penis until it is tight. The tension will prolong your orgasm, help you maintain your erection and make the pleasure last.

When finished, simply detach the cylinder from the suction tube, and restore it to a new look with Plaisir antibacterial cleaner and warm water.


Length: 8.5 inches (216mm)
Width: 2.75 inches (70mm)
Internal diameter: 2 inches (64 mm)

Features and Benefits

Instantly add length and girth
Improve our endurance and performance
Get stronger and more explosive ejaculations
Gain confidence and self-esteem




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