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Colt Big Man Penis Pump


Transparent penis pump with Colt Big Man measurement. Enjoy vigorous action with the Colt Big Man Pump System.

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Colt Big Man Penis Pump (transparent)

Enjoy exceptional size loving action with the Colt Big Man Penis Pump System. The sturdy, easy-to-use pump is designed to maximize and personalize your erotic pleasure. All the system maintains superior suction for high peak performance and extended play.

The pump features an oversized clear acrylic cylinder with secure seal, ultra flanked base, removable silicone flexible air hose and quick release valve.

Easy action of the trigger on the Colt Big Man Penis Pump activates intense pumping stimulation. This, it helps to achieve optimal erection results every time. The air hose easily detaches while maintaining superior suction. The cylinder also features incremental universal measurements so you can check your desired size. Before and after use, clean the pump with mild soapy water or a sex toy cleaner.


Light color
Materials Silicone, Acrylic
Phthalate-free features
Measures 11.5″ x 4″ / 29.25cm x 10.25cm (Cylinder)
Bulk weight: 14.1 (oz) / 0.4 (kg)

California Exotics Collection

California Exotics Novelty began in 1994 under the founding direction of Susan Colvin. CEO Colvin started the brand in an effort to balance out the heavily male-centric market of sex toy brands. Despite the launch of Cal Exotica, owned by women. This in an industry dominated by men. The brand is highly regarded from all directions including consumers, retailers and even the advertising industry. The manufacturer’s offices contain dozens and dozens of advertising, packaging, manufacturing, leadership, wholesale, and product design awards.

Many business partners, employees, and industry executives of sex toy brands attribute Cal Exotica’s success to its women-friendly approach. Corporate principles, product lines and individual product quality also contribute to the growth of CalExotics. Consumers buy these women-designed products with confidence, knowing that every purchase comes with a product guarantee that ensures customer satisfaction.



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