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We-Vibe lubricant (water based)

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We-Vibe lubricant (water based). Premium water-based personal We-Vibe lubricant for vaginal and / or penile application. Designed for the entire We-Vibe® range.


We-Vibe lubricant (water based)

The premium quality water-based We-Vibe lubricant for vaginal and / or penile application.

We-Vibe lubricant improves the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activities.
The formula provides additional moisture and provides long-lasting lubrication.
Recommended for use with all We-Vibe® products.

Formula specially designed for the entire We-Vibe® range
Humidity and care
Outstanding lubrication properties

Material: Water based
Size: 100 ml.

Sex Toys For Couples

We-Vibe puts couples first with our selection of the most exciting sex toys for couples, including remote sex toys for long distance relationships. Discover how to spice things up and heighten your pleasure – whether together or apart.


A touch. A look. The unique tingling sensation on your skin. We-Vibe is all about that special sensation between you. The intimate moments that stop the world for a moment. Get closer. Come together. And discover the wonderful world of We-Vibe.

Designed for You

Our products are designed for and inspired by real bodies, real connection, and pure pleasure. Always.

Sex Toys

Dive in and conquer new territory in pleasure. At We-Vibe, we believe that sex toys promote intimacy, bringing couples together and giving fun and orgasms to all. Try something new!

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What are the reasons for using personal lubricants?

To intensify or enhance sensation, with or without a partner. With added lubrication, women may enjoy the pure sensation of touch and intercourse without friction or irritation, so the mind is free to focus on the positive aspects of intimacy.

To help eliminate pain and discomfort, that stems from vaginal dryness. Women may experience vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes at varying stages of life, such as after bearing children or during menopause. Dryness may also result from medical conditions such as chemotherapy or diabetes, or from using anti-estrogen medication.

Lubricants may also help to prolong intercourse, as natural lubrication can sometimes diminish during longer periods of intimacy. Lubrication is also essential for sex practices certain sexual play that involve toys or anal penetration.



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