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Automatic masturbator with air pump


Automatic masturbator with air pump and vibration. Immerse yourself in a superior pleasure experience with this automatic masturbator with air pump.

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Automatic masturbator with air pump

Immerse yourself in a superior pleasure experience with this automatic masturbator with air pump. Designed to offer you unparalleled sensations. Besides, featuring high frequency retractable function, powerful vibration and digital display. This revolutionary device pushes the limits of pleasure and transports you to orgasmic heights.

Advanced Technology:

Our male masturbator is equipped with cutting-edge technological features for the ultimate pleasure experience. Its high-frequency retractable function ensures intense stimulation, while its eight vibration modes allow you to personalize your experience according to your desires. The digital screen display adds a touch of sophistication, allowing you to control every aspect of your pleasure with precision.

Maximum Comfort and Sensations:

Made with premium TPE+ABS material, our masturbator offers a soft and comfortable hand feeling. The internal nodules of the white silicone sleeve add a stimulating texture for maximum sensations. While the air suction feature improves blood circulation, helping you become erect and firm for optimal performance. The sleeve offers a vaginal-shaped entry.

Fast and Convenient Charging:

Forget the hassle of batteries with our automatic masturbator. Charged quickly via USB and magnetically, this device gives you ultimate convenience for uninterrupted use. You can enjoy your pleasure whenever you want, wherever you are, without having to worry about battery life. In conclusion, immerse yourself in the exciting world of this automatic masturbator and discover a new dimension of pleasure and satisfaction. With its advanced technology, unrivaled comfort and exceptional performance, this device pushes the boundaries of pleasure and offers you an unforgettable orgasmic experience. Also, explore your deepest fantasies with this revolutionary accessory, designed to offer you the pinnacle of male pleasure.

Additional information :

Material: TPE + ABS Size: 282 x 70 x 70 mm Weight: 517g


1, 8 vibration modes 2, air pump 3, USB charging

Manual :

– Long press to turn on standby (the indicator lights up red) short press to turn on standby, long press to turn off – Short press to turn on inspiratory mode, short press again to switch inspiratory mode, three gears can be adjusted – Long press for ventilation





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