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Penis belt UR3 Vac-U-Lock ultra Harness ii plug W/7


Vac-U-Lock® Ultra Harness II™ penis belt and plug with 6 inch (15.2cm) UR3® Dildo . Experience endless possibilities with the world’s most user-friendly pleasure system.

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UR3 Vac-U-Lock ultra Harness II penis belt & Plug W/7″

This UR3 Vac-U-Lock ultra Harness II & Plug W/7″ penis belt seems to be a complete proposition. For those looking for the most realistic and comfortable strap-on experience. The combination of ULTRASKYN™, a soft but firm material that mimics skin. In addition with the faithful reproduction of details such as the veins and the bulbous head, aims to offer a feeling incredibly close to reality. The inclusion of an adjustable and comfortable harness , capable of fitting a wide range of sizes up to 53 inches. Ensures the kit can be used by a wide variety of users in comfort.

The patented Vac-U-Lock plug and included powder dispenser simplify installation and changing parts, making the user experience more pleasant and less laborious. Made without phthalates and designed to be body-safe, the kit also emphasizes user safety and health.

Proudly made in America, this product highlights the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation in adult toys. It not only offers complete equipment for those who are new to the Vac-U-Lock harness set but also enriches the experience of those who are already familiar with this type of product.

Dimension :

  • 6.75” (17.14cm) total length (Dildo)
    6” (15.24cm) insertable length
    1.5” (3.81cm) diameter


Penis in UR3 (Ultra-Realistic)
Soft and veined
Sil-a-Gel antibacterial formula / phthalate-free / latex-free / cadmium-free
VAC powder (included) for easier fixing
3” (7.62cm) cap for attachment (red plastic)
Harness (size up to 53” (134.62cm))
Complete set for couples




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