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Persuasion vibrating egg with 3 sheaths

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Persuasion vibrating egg with 3 sheaths. Very small micro vibrating egg in chrome with independent three-speed control box.

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Persuasion vibrating egg with 3 different colored sheaths

The Persuasion vibrating egg with 3 sheaths is a unique intimate toy of its kind. Offering the ability to connect two vibrating eggs to a single control box. This distinct feature allows for an exciting dual stimulation experience, which you can customize to your desires.

The kit includes a vibrating egg with three different textured envelopes to vary the stimulation. The vibrating egg can be used both outside and inside the body. It offers exceptional versatility to satisfy your needs. The prospect of enjoying double stimulation is in itself a source of excitement.

The control box has been ergonomically designed for easy grip and precise control of the three vibration speeds, all using your thumb. By adding a second vibrating egg, you can increase the pleasure tenfold and explore new sensations. The Bullet Persuasion can also be used in combination to further enrich your experience.

Dimension :

The dimensions of the vibrating egg are as follows: length of 1.22 inches (3.09 cm) and diameter of 0.59 inches (1.49 cm). Wire measures 31.5 inches (80.01 cm), while the control box has a length of 4.90 inches (12.44 cm), a width of 1.40 inches (3.55 cm), and a depth of 0.82 inch (2.08 cm). The toy is powered by 3 AA batteries for extended use.

What is included:

The set also includes three expandable envelopes in assorted colors (blue, pink, and purple), each measuring 1.38 inches (3.50 cm) in length and 0.52 inches (1.32 cm) in width (super stretchy ). These envelopes fit perfectly to the vibrating egg for optimal stimulation.

To ensure optimal hygiene, clean the Bullet Persuasion with a sex toy cleaner after each use. Discover new sensations and explore your pleasure with this one-of-a-kind toy.



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